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Every aspect of your home holds importance for many reasons. Both functional use as well as aesthetic beauty are interwoven into every part of your house’s interior and exterior. Your windows are a prime example of this. They frame the light that comes into your home while helping create ambiance. This has an obvious affect on aesthetics for your interior design. For practical function, however, your windows are integral for allowing a healthy balance of natural light in your home. Furthermore, they directly affect your home’s energy efficiency.

One of the most affordable ways to impact your design without doing any major remodeling or restructuring is to replace your old windows. With Replacement Windows you can enhance the look of your interior, using the natural brilliance of the sun, while also making your home more energy efficient. For the highest quality in durable, beautiful and long lasting replacement windows, Lakeside Roofing & Contracting are the experts to call. We have proudly provided New York residents with the best replacement windows for their home improvements since 1999. We work with the finest manufacturers, and our installation technicians are professionally trained. We have a wide selection of gorgeous, energy efficient windows to choose from and can quickly and accurately install them. That is why we are the top choice in New York for replacement windows.

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Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Your old windows are likely costing you money, comfort and aesthetic design. Single pane, untreated glass provides no protection from UV rays or radiant heat. This means all of the sun’s energy gets in, while its rays slowly degrade your furniture. Furthermore, as your windows age, the seal of the frame with the house becomes loose due to expansion and contraction. That means there are cracks and vulnerabilities also letting energy in and out.

New windows can offer your home a new look that revitalizes the design and saves you money. At Lakeside Roofing & Contracting, we have a wide array of high quality windows to choose from. Our replacement windows are made of composite frames that don’t expand and contract in temperature changes. That means it will keep its seal with the house forever. These frames also come with a gorgeous finish that will never need repainting. We also offer energy efficient Low-E glass options, which provide the ultimate protection against UV rays. The gas injection between the panes also traps and diffuses heat, so your home won’t suffer radiant heat transfer, keeping you more comfortable.

We offer all types of windows; from casement to double hung, picture, bow and sliding. Whatever will enhance your home and suit your needs, we can accommodate.

Our New York Replacement Window Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Vinyl Windows
  • Low-E Glass Windows
  • Window Replacement Installation


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