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What Can A Green Roof Do For Your Home

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What Can A Green Roof Do For Your HomeGreen roofing systems are becoming widely popular in New York. It is sometimes called eco roofs, green roofs and vegetated roofs. A green roof is simply a garden atop a residential flat roof. But this simple garden has lots of economical and environmental advantages over a normal roof.

It can be installed in different kinds of structures be it homes, apartment buildings or even high rise dwellings. They can be very simple from having just a few plants or as complex as a miniature park. The choices are endless and everything depends on your needs and of course your budget.

Installing a green roofing system in your New York home might prove to be one the best investment you’ll ever make. Building this kind of roof requires the help of a certified New York roofer that installs flat roofing. There are a lot of factors that go into building a green roofing system, so it is important that your roofing contractor be familiar with energy efficient and green systems. The drainage systems, the root resistance surface and all other elements come together to complete the project. It is a complex job that will yield fantastic results upon completion.

Investing money in green roofing today will save you money in the long run. The roof is twice as durable as conventional roofs. The vegetation helps protect your roof from the harmful UV rays of the sun and occasional harsh weather. Eventually, you also save money from not having to replace your roof as quickly. Beyond money saving, you will also be taking a step toward contributing to the green movement globally.

A green roof also helps you save money from energy costs. Electric bills increase drastically during summer months because of air conditioning. The same holds true for heating your home in the winter. Keeping your house comfortable during extreme seasons proves to be really expensive no matter where you are. The green roofing system provides added insulation to your house helping reduce energy costs. According to studies, it can reduce energy costs by as much as 75%.

Green roofs can also prevent water run-off by absorbing most water. A rooftop garden is actually one of the most effective drainage systems in existence. By absorbing most of the water from rainfall, it prevents erosion around the base of your house and avoids damage of the landscape. It also prevents gutters and sewers from clogging.

When you consider installing green roofing in your home, do think about the benefits you will gain in the long run. The best way to explore your green roofing options is to contact a qualified New York roofing expert.

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