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Lansing Roofing ContractorYour roof is vitally important to both your comfort as well as your aesthetic design. Because of the huge role it plays in your home, it is crucial that you have a sturdy, durable and yet beautiful roof over your head. For the highest quality roofs, installed with the highest quality workmanship, Lakeside Roofing & Contracting are the roofers to call.

We have proudly provided Lansing residents with the best in roofing services and products since 1999. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our roofing selection is vast and we have many energy efficient options available. Our technicians are also professionally trained and possess the proper skills and tools necessary to service or install any roof type you desire. Whether you need a metal roof, tiles, shingles or even flat roofing, we can accommodate. That is why we are the top choice in Lansing for roofing contractor.

When you get a new roof from Lakeside Roofing & Contracting, you are purchasing both quality and peace of mind. Our roofs are energy efficient, saving you money on your electric bills. They are also durable and long lasting. Our installers are dedicated to providing expert installation, and we back our work up with a satisfaction guarantee. That means, we guarantee you will not have problems related to your roof installation, and if you do, we’ll come back and fix it for free. When the time comes for a new roof, be sure to call the roofing experts at Lakeside Roofing & Contracting.


The Best Roof Repairs in Lansing

With constant exposure to the elements; the sun, rain, hail, snow and wind, roof faults are inevitable. Just because you spring a leak or crack some roofing shingles, doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing, however. When you let roof repair specialists like Lakeside Roofing & Contracting fix your roof, you’ll have a perfectly functioning roof again in no time.

We utilize cutting edge tools to troubleshoot and find the source of your roofing problem. We also provide a thorough roof inspection to identify any vulnerabilities or potential problems. Once we have an accurate assessment of the condition of your roofing, we can decide what the most effective way to proceed would be. We are dedicated to offering you prompt and accurate roofing repairs at reasonable prices. Let our highly trained technicians work for you by getting the most out of your roof.

When you call Lakeside Roofing & Contracting for a roof repair, we’ll arrive at your home quickly. We always show up with a fully stocked work van so we’ll have the right tools and parts to get to work immediately. For many common or simple problems, we can complete the task on the first trip, returning you to the comfort and security of a fully functional roof as soon as possible. If you experience roof problems, call us right away.



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