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Auburn Roofing ContractorThe roof of your Auburn home provides your property, as well as your family, with the most protection from the elements. It is the most important part of your home’s structure and your biggest investment in your house. That is why it is crucial that you have a strong and sturdy roof over your head. For the highest quality roofs, installed with precision and skill, call the experts at Lakeside Roofing & Contracting.

No matter how nice a roof you have, it will only be as good as its installation. For comprehensive roofing services done right, we are here to help. We’ve proudly served Auburn residents since 1999 and we’ve built a reputation in those years for superior workmanship. Our roofing technicians are professionally trained and possess the skills and tools to service whatever roof type you desire promptly and effectively. That is why we are the preferred choice in Auburn for roofing contractor.

At Lakeside Roofing & Contracting we strive to offer the widest selection of roofing options for Auburn residents. We offer roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof replacement for all roofing types. We install asphalt shingles, metal roofing, flat roofing, and slate tiles. We also offer pre and post home sale inspections. No matter what your roofing needs, Lakeside Roofing & Contracting can accommodate.


Roof Repairs Done Right the First Time for Auburn

When your roof is in disrepair, it is inconvenient at best. Roof leaks can lead to more expensive water damage, cracked shingles and blowoffs leave your roof vulnerable to further damage and looks unsightly and water infiltration in your roofing deck can cause mold. These common problems, when discovered, should be addressed by experienced roof repair experts like Lakeside Roofing & Contracting immediately. We utilize cutting edge tools to troubleshoot your roof problems and then find the most effective and efficient way to fix it.

We can fix all roof types, whether you have roofing shingles or metal panels, PVC flat roofing. Whatever you rely on to protect your home, we’ll get it back in working order in no time. Not only do we repair your roof problem, but we help you prevent further issues by inspecting your roof before we start a repair job. All too often, when just one single issue is identified and fixed, other problems that existed prior or as a result from will crop up, making the repair job look ineffective. In reality, this may be a whole new issue. When you call Lakeside Roofing & Contracting, we’ll inspect your roof first, so we have an accurate assessment of its condition. This allows us to pinpoint where all of your roof problems lay.

If you have roof issues at all, or if a big storm passed and you are concerned about the condition of your roof, don’t hesitate to call the roofing repair pros at Lakeside Roofing & Contracting.



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